Antigua Guatemala Travel FAQ

Transportation to and from Antigua

From the Guatemala airport to Antigua

Shuttles cost Q60 for the one-hour trip from Aurora International Airport to Antigua. A private taxi will cost $30.

Shuttles from Antigua

From Antigua, shuttles go to San Pedro and Panajachel at Lake Atitlan, which costs Q60. The two-hour ride to Panajachel costs Q80. Others go to Semuc Champey, Monterrico and more Guatemalan destinations or to San Cristobal de las Casas and Tapachula, Mexico. We currently recommend Libertad de Viajar at 10A East Fifth Street. They can also handle national and international flights.

Buses from Antigua

“Chicken buses” are not much cheaper than shuttles, are more dangerous and take longer to arrive. A daily Pullman bus between Antigua and Panajachel takes two hours and is half the cost of a shuttle.

Tuk Tuks

These three-wheeled vehicles charge Q10 per person to get around Antigua, but Q15 on weekends. Taxis cost Q20.


Antigua hostels cost as little as Q40 per person for one night in a dormitory, Q100 and up for a room with private bath for one person or Q150 for two guests. Cable TV, free breakfast and Wi-Fi are included at most hostels. We like El Hostal, with free breakfast and real hot water. For more info on Antigua, see Antigua Travel Blog.

See Antigua Hostels or Antigua Hotels for more info.


Breakfast costs Q15 and up and includes coffee. There is a wide range of lunch and dinner options, from a Q16 sub sandwich at Subway to Q100 steak dinner. Fast food options also include McDonalds, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza. See Antigua Restaurants for details.

Money, ATMs and Banks

Bring US dollars or Euros, as other currencies are rarely accepted. If using ATMs, check your account weekly to avoid the occasional rip-off.


10% is suggested, more for great service. Most restaurants add 10% to the bill.


Guided tours visit coffee farms, volcanoes, Colonial ruins and Mayan sites. Carriage rides are a popular way to get acquainted with the town. A reliable travel agency is Libertad de Viajar at 10A East Fifth Street.

Schools in Antigua

Language schools abound in this town, but are far more expensive than those at Lake Atitlan. There are several schools for Guatemalan cooking.


Travelers from the USA, Canada and parts of Europe do not need a visa to enter Guatemala. Consult your travel agent. The stamp in your passport is good for 90 days, after which you must leave the country for 72 hours (Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador do not count) before returning for 90 more days. Then you can get a 90-day extension at Migracion in Guatemala City (which requires a credit or debit card) or at a local agency.


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