The Only Real #Mexican Food in #Antigua Guatemala is at

El Faro, which serves tacos with Cochinata Pibil, a Yucatecan pork dish. (Yeah, I know, tacos are not real Mexican food or even Tex-Mex, having been invented by Mexican farm workers in Arizona). Cochinata Pibil is like pulled pork that’s been marinated the same way the ancient Maya did at Chichen Itza. Very tasty and only Q30, but very little meat.

More of El Faro’s Mexican Food

El Faro has two kinds of Mexican potato dishes, Papas Tampiquena and Papas Oaxaquenas, with I plan to try on my next visit to Antigua. Also the Chilaquilas, which are called Faro Encantado on the breakfast menu and cost only Q18. Lots of other good breakfasts too.

Though the chilaquiles at Los Cebollines are more like a nachos with cheese platter than true chilaquiles, this expensive restaurant offers a few dishes with Pollo con Mole Poblana that is supposed to follow an authentic recipe from the nuns of Santa Clara in Oaxcaa. This is an earthy and aromatic dish that is currently the only authentic Mexican meal in Antigau.. (Whatever it is they serve at Frida’s does not even qualify as Tex-Mex, let alone authentic Mexican food.)

Might as well have a shot of Ilegal Mezcal while I’m in Antigua, at Cafe No Se or another local bar.

Where’s the Mexican Food and Mezcal in La Antigua?

El Faro is a block or so north of Parque Central on the left side of Calle 4.
Los Cebollines is around the corner from Reilly’s Tavern on Avenide 6.
Cafe No Se is on First Avenue, across from El Hostal.

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